Feature on Japan Camera Hunter

Many thanks to Japan Camera Hunter for featuring a few images of Paris.

I have been following Bellamy's website for a while now and I have a lot of respect for his passion and support for film photography. 

If you want to see a different look of Paris, make sure to click here, a series of photos of Parisian courtyards using a Yashica 124 G Mat and Ilford FP4 (home developing and scanning).




Huffingtonpost.com: Interview.

Late afternoon. I receive an unexpected text message from Satoki Nagata to say that he is in town for the night.

A short metro ride later, we meet up to grab a beer. We talked for a couple of hours about what's behind our photos. Rich moments. Thanks Satoki.

Satoki is a blogger for the Huffingtonpost.com. He asked me to sum up my thoughts about our discussion and here is my answer.